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 Attention ATU 1704 Members

April 28,2020

ATU Members;

       We have been fortunate enough to keep our job during this Pandemic. As we all know,  Omnitrans had planned to reduce service and lay off Operators in September. After meeting with Omnitrans and Staff we are told that due to the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting in reduction in ridership, Omnitrans has decided to reduce the numbers of Coach Operators needed as early as March 2020. We continue to meet and do everything we can to keep all Drivers working, unfortunately there will be a lay off in the coming weeks.

     The uncertainty associated with the COVID-19 outbreak presents a unique set of difficulties. We really 

don't know when this virus will come under control, or when things will get back to normal. This is a day by day issue.Your hard work and courage during these difficult times is greatly appreciated. Until and when service picks back up, in accordance with our labor agreement Operators laid off  will be placed on a recall list for return to work.

It truly saddens me to have to deliver this information, I am here to help answer any questions you may have.


With deep regards,

Joanne Barnes 

Union President
Cell (909) 289-6813

Office ( 909) 885-7767




Attention union members:  The ATU International is doing a survey about COVID-19. Your input is very important to assist with now and future emergency situations. Please fill out and submit as soon as possible. Also send a screen shot or message to state you have completed the survey to Jeff Caldwell @(909)522-0372 or Al Flores @ (909)800-6416.

Thank you for your support.


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OFFICERS FOR 2020-2023

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