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The Formation of the Position of Shop Steward

ATU Local 1704

Article VIII: Shop Steward Position

Shop Stewards will be appointed from a list of members who show interest in being stewards, and will attend shop stewards school that will be operated by the local union.


Article 19: Shop Steward’s Provision

The ATU will submit, in writing, the names of employees designated as ATU Shop Stewards and all elected officers and Executive Board members.

Shop Stewards will be granted a reasonable amount of time, without loss of pay or benefits, for the purpose of meeting with the Agency representatives to process grievances, provided, however, that such time does not interfere with normal department operation.


Know Your Rights


Weingarten was as U.S. Supreme Court case that gave workers the right to have a steward present in some circumstances “when a supervisor asks for information that could be used as a basis for discipline.”

If a union employee is called into a meeting with management, they may read the following to the company’s representative when the meeting begins:

“If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request my union representative, officer or steward be present at this meeting. Until my representative arrives, I choose not to participate in this discussion.”

Management doesn’t have to tell workers of their rights. It’s up to each employee to request the presence of a union representative during a meeting that may lead to their discipline. There may be times when a supervisor or manager ignores an employee’s Weingarten rights. If that happens, the employee is stay in the room to hear the supervisor or manager out, and upon leaving the meeting, contact a Union Officer or Shop Steward immediatelyto file a charge with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

SKELLY RIGHTS (for Public Employees)

Skelly Hearing (The right to make your Case)

The California Supreme Court has ruled that Public Employees must get a chance to respond to charges against them before they can be disciplined. By law an employee must receive advanced written notice of any proposed disciplinary action including:

  1. The specific policy or rule violated.
  2. A description of the proposed discipline and the date it takes effect.
  3. The reasons for the discipline.
  4. A statement advising the employee of the right to respond.

If you believe your rights are being denied contact one of the Union Officers, Executive Board members or Shop Stewards.



Know Your Rights
Open this file to read about your Weingarten rights. When you are called into the supervisor's office and you believe that you may receive discipline, you can invoke your Weingarten rights. The supervisor will NOT tell that you have these rights. You need to know them!


Transit Organizing
In 2015 ATU International recognizes that all workers deserve representation an organized over a thousand workers and Local 1704 was proud to be part of that drive. On December 15, 2015 the California Public Employees Relations Board recognized Morongo Basin Transit Authority (Joshua Tree Ca) which added 36 new members to the Local. Lets congratulate them and welcome them aboard.


Elections/Contract Vote
December 6, 2016 is election day for ATU Local 1704 EB # 1 Officers and Contract Vote. Please Vote


Tentative Agreement Summary
Open attachment to see the tentative agreement summary.


TA Full Proposal
Click on red pdf button and open up the full proposal new language is bold and underlined old language is crossed out.

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